Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight (2012)

s 1. Not Ready For You
2. They Come and They Go
3. Long Distance Love
4. Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight
5. Setting Sun
6. Who You Are
7. Everyone's Running
8. Between Two Lands
9. Standing in the Fire
10. Eyes in the Dark

Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight is Blue James Band's 3rd and most recent full length album due to be released in September of 2012. It was recorded while the band was on tour in Virginia and finished up in Boston, MA. Clifton produced and Scott Reibling (Weezer, Letters to Cleo) mixed the record. Listen to 2 tracks below:

"Not Ready For You"
Give Me the Love or Give Me the Fight"

WILL (2008)

s 1. You Should Know
2. Believe
3. Feel The Weight
4. Sunday Afternoon
5. Down This Path
6. Crossroads
7. Don't Waste The Days
8. My Parade
9. If It Were Up To Me
10. All I Want, All I Need
11. Age Old Spill
12. River Songs
13. My New Window

Will is the 2nd album from the Blue James Band and features 13 new tracks written and produced by Clifton Williams. Jack Gauthier (Dispatch, State Radio) mixed the record in Rhode Island at his beautiful Lakewest Recording Studio. Pre-order your copy now!

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that's that (2005)

e 1. Come Away
2. Remember Me
3. I Can Relate
4. Same Person
5. Hello There
6. Going Home
7. The Best Years
8. Falling Down
9. Full Circle
10. This Good Earth

(Press play to listen to the album. There may be a delay at first)

that's that is the debut album released in 2005 on Chappy Payne Records.

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